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One Tootoo Many

I saw an interesting discussion on Twitter yesterday about if people were a fan of one particular player or the entire team. I thought this was a pretty interesting question being asked considering the atmosphere in Smashville (that’s slang for Nashville Predators land, for those that don’t know). If the player whose jersey you wear or who you cheer for the loudest leaves…does your loyalty to the team go also?

It’s difficult to have a favorite team and not in turn have a favorite player. There is always going to be that one player that you want to see do well, for whatever reason. Maybe their personal story hits a cord with you, maybe they are the underdog on the team and you hope they can prove them self, or maybe they are the star player and make the team just a little bit better. Whatever the reason there is equilibrium to the relationship…what is good for the player is good for the team. That is until the player is ready to move on.

I have been a sports fan for pretty much my entire life…at least the part that I can really remember. For me, I choose to be a fan of the team. Sure, I’ll keep an eye on the player when he moves to his new team, but my loyalty remains with the team…not the player. I guess I’m naïve but I thought that this was the way most people viewed sports. I saw first hand this weekend just how fickle sports fans can be.

Jordin Tootoo was probably the most beloved player on the Nashville Predators roster. He was someone that his fans could relate too both in his personal story and his play on the ice. Fans love a scrappy player and he could “scrap” with the best of them. On the flip side, fans of the team often did not appreciate Tootoo’s mouth. A prime example of that was during this past playoff run. Tootoo did not take kindly to being benched during the playoffs in favor of more productive players.

It was reported that the Predators made an offer to Jordin (a free agent) to keep him in Nashville and he declined. Instead, Tootoo decided to head to free agency and ended up signing with the Detroit Red Wings. *gasp* Now, I don’t have to tell you if you are a Predators fan, how this looks. The Predators may be considered a “young” team by NHL experts, but they have a long rivalry with the Red Wings. Most Predators fans have a strong dislike for anything Red Wing.

So now where does your loyalty go? Do you go with Tootoo and trade in your gold for red or do you stick with the Preds and bid him farewell? Is there really a right answer? If you’re really just supporting the player, that’s fine, but remember that those of us who support the team are not necessarily going to share your views. Tootoo chose to move on and I’m fine with that. If you want to be a Red Wings fan now, that’s your choice. We’ll settle all this nonsense on October 12th.

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Love Hurts

We often forget that professional sports are also a professional business.  Of course we understand there is a general manager, a corporate front office, and money that help our favorite teams to operate, but it’s easy to keep all that behind the scenes.  During the season, we only see the finished product…the team that takes the field, or the ice, or the court….whatever the sport may be.

With the offseason comes the realization of all the behind the scenes shenanigans.  Maybe shenanigans is not the right word to use.  After all it is just the daily duties of a professional team.  Money comes…money goes…players come…players go.  Some teams are better at this dance than others.  Some professional teams seem to implode their team from one season to another.  Those fans have my condolences.

So, what happens to the teams that are more consistent with their line-ups?  Do the fans never have to say good-bye to their favorite players?  In fantasy land, the captains and fan favorites would stay with their team forever.  In real life, break-ups are hard.  Our relationships (the fans that is) with players is just like a romantic relationship.  Seriously…think about it.  Better yet, let me explain.

In the beginning, when the player is drafted or traded onto the roster, you’re timid and not yet ready to buy into the hype.  Can they possibly be as good as a player that they have been sold to be?  As a fan, you’re not ready trust this player to help the team.  It’s a learning process.  The player has to prove to you that they are an asset.  They need to show that whatever the club spent, be it money or trade, they were worth it.  Just like when you’re first dating someone…it’s the “get to know you” phase.

 Once you get to know each other you develop feelings.  This “new” player is slowing becoming your favorite.  You like their hustle and play-making abilities.  You’re not ready to say that they are your favorite player but then it happens…the play.  You know the play I’m talking about.  That play where they hit a homerun in the bottom of the 9th to win the game, or maybe they threw their body across the ice to block that game winning goal.  Either way, this player has now become you’re favorite player and you can’t see anything but good things in the future.

But hold on a second.  It’s been a few years and now there is talk of free agency.  In sports terms that is the equivalent of the “we need to talk” talk in a relationship.  You start to panic.  Can this team possibly function without its star player?  You begin to see your favorite player’s eye begin to wander.  How dare they look at other teams, you think.  Don’t they realize everything that we’ve been through?  You begin to read everything possible…blogs, newspaper articles, random websites…to get any type of hint on where your player may go.  Paranoia begins to set in.  You want return to “normal” until you know that your player is here to stay, long term, with your team.

Okay, I know I’m a girl and maybe at times I can be overdramatic, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about my favorite team and players.  At the end of every season, no matter the sport, we all go through this.  Maybe we need to begin forming support groups?  Maybe take up a collection to keep franchise players where they belong?  Or maybe you have a better idea.  Either way the off season is always the longest time of the year. 

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The First Cut is the Deepest

This is probably the 500th time I have attempted to write this post today.  I’ve never been good at goodbyes, even if it is just temporary.  With that said, I shall make an effort now to write out my thoughts about the round 2 departure of the Predators from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Phoenix Coyotes flat out deserved to move on to the Western Conference Finals.  They played a more complete game…a more team oriented game.  The Coyotes success is not just because of Mike Smith’s play.  Nope, they communicated.  They made the plays they needed to when opportunity presented itself.  They played the “Predator” style hockey that the Nashville Predators couldn’t.

From the beginning, the Predators were chasing this series and that is no way to win.  When the puck dropped in game one, the Preds seemed a bit off.  Maybe it was due to the time off between series but it took them about 2 periods to finally find their groove.  Game 2 was a complete and utter failure.  I love the Preds but there is no better way to say it than that.  What caused the mess?  Was it the Radulov/Kostitsyn drama or was there something else going on that we have no idea about?  At this point it doesn’t matter but that is when the Preds began to dig themselves a hole that would be difficult to overcome.

Then came Game 3.                                                                                                                                                                        

Game 3 featured the Predators that us fans know and love.  This was the team that we had all been bragging about.  A team that could focus and make their way to the Stanley Cup.  Players were fighting with desperation.   More importantly the Predators showed up in game three and played like a team.  After that game everyone was jumping on the bandwagon and believing in what the Predators were going to accomplish.

What in the world happened to that team?!?

I’m not saying that game 4 and 5 featured the breakdown that game 2 did but the Preds lost that spark that they had in game 3.  Every single player stepped up in game 3 but is seems they forgot to do the same in the latter games.  While Colin Wilson showed up to play “Predator” style playoff hockey where in the world was Mike Fisher?  The fact that Fisher and Legwand were on the ice at the end of game 4 and not Paul Gaustad…that was a real head scratcher.  Talent and depth can do wonders but it is consistency in a team that wins championships.  The Predators seemed to have none of that in round 2 of the playoffs.

Now don’t go thinking that I’m some fair-weather fan.  I’m proud of what the Predators accomplished this season.  Anything other than a losing season is respectable.  The problem is that isn’t what was expected of this team.  I’m not going to throw Trotz under the bus and say he made this mistake and that mistake.  I’m not a hockey coach…even as much as I pretend to be…so why would I try to act like I know what he has to deal with?  What I am going to do is sit back and buckle up, because I have a feeling this is going to be a doozy of an offseason.  I know this is not the last time we will be questioning what happened to our Predators.

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I Don’t Get It

We do not live in a perfect world and nothing makes that more obvious than watching our favorite sports. If life was perfect then officials would always make the right calls, but instead we are stuck with that one call in that one game that ruined the season for us. Now, I’m usually the first one to jump all over a referee. I’ve been known to frighten people with my sudden outbursts, but did you ever stop to think about some of the rules these officials have to uphold? Maybe we, as fans, should cut the officials some slack…not a lot….but maybe just a smidge.

I recently took to twitter, facebook, and random people in general, asking what the dumbest rule in sports is. Boy, did I get some heated answers. It seems that every major sport has some serious flaws in its rule book. So, I decided to take a look at 4 major sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL and see what their dumbest rules are.

One of the top responses I received was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against celebrations in the National Football League. I agree that this one seems a little excessive. Shouldn’t grown men be allowed to celebrate an accomplishment in their workplace? Since I was having a little trouble actually buying into the thought that this was a legitimate “good” rule, I looked up the exact wording of the rule in the NFL rule book. I have to admit, I laughed at what I read. The rule book will allow for spontaneous reactions to scoring plays but does not allow “two-or-more players engage in prolonged, excessive, premeditated, or choreographed celebrations.” (NFL Rule Book, Section 3, Article 1, Taunting E) Regardless if the higher ups want to admit it or not, professional football has some entertainment value to it. People tune in to not only watch a football game but to also be entertained. How many of you remember Terrell Owens’s celebrations and not his actual touchdowns. If you are going to take out the big hits for player safety, at least allow the men to celebrate a touchdown in whatever fashion they deem necessary.

Next up we have the National Basketball Association. This is the one sport that I didn’t get too many suggestions on. Maybe it’s because they have rules that make sense, or maybe it’s because that the majority of the people I know are not NBA fans. I did have one suggestion though on the dumbest rule in the NBA which is the fouling out of players. The thought being that why allow players to foul out? Why not keep them in the game and just allow the other team to shoot free throws. I think the “dumbness” of this rule is more in the eyes of the fans than any of the players or coaches. I know if I was spending my hard earned money on NBA tickets, I would be a little upset if the star player fouled out in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half. Obviously, if he is in foul trouble he isn’t playing his best game (or the officials are out to get him) so why not let him stay in.

I’m still having a difficult time understanding the point of what was voted the dumbest rule in Major League Baseball….the infield fly rule. In my opinion, the rules of baseball are pretty cut and dry and usually the only complaint I have is if the runner was safe for not but after much discussion, the infield fly rule has me scratching my head. Maybe it’s the girly side coming out in me that can’t comprehend it but it makes no sense to me that the batter is out even if the person attempting to catch the ball drops it. I took to the internet (like all fact checkers do) to see if I could find an expiation on why this rule is enforced. I found my way to where I stumbled across an “ask the umpire” blog. Here is the response given for the reasoning behind the infield fly rule;
The Infield Fly Rule was instituted to protect the offense from a possibly “unfair” double play. If there were runners on first and second (or bases loaded) and less than 2 out, runners would normally hold their base on a pop-up to the infield since the ball would, in all likelihood, be caught. Without the Infield Fly Rule, an infielder could drop an easy pop-up (or let it drop untouched) and turn a double play, since the runners would then be forced. The rules makers didn’t think this was fair and instituted this rule.

Okay, logically, I guess that isn’t a dumb rule but how does having this rule make it more fair? I asked my grandfather who used to umpire softball games his thoughts on the rule. He said that players would actually drop the ball to test the umpire to see if they knew the infield fly rule. While I’m sure professional baseball players don’t do that, it seems like any way the rule is played there is some unfairness on all sides.

Without a doubt the most popular response to my dumbest rule question was found in the National Hockey League…the “intent to blow” (the whistle) rule. I’m sure my polling was a bit skewed considering its Stanley Cup playoff time and the Nashville Predators have had 4 goals in the playoffs waived off due to this ruling, but really, who’s keeping count. I’m sure regardless of their team of choice; all NHL fans can agree that this rule is dumb. Again, I had to take to the official NHL rule book to try to understand this rule. According to rule 78.5 Disallowed Goals XII, When the Referee deems the play has been stopped, even if he had not physically had the opportunity to stop play by blowing his whistle the goal will be disallowed. Digging a little bit further, I found that the NHL instituted the “intent to blow” rule due to the possibility of human error in officiating. Wait…what?!? Human error? Well, if that is the case why can’t I get out of a ticket by telling an officer that I intended to slow down? I had every possibility to do so, but I chose not to and now that I’ve been caught…well, I intended to do it. To me, having this rule in the NHL rulebook just adds to human error. Say the official was mad at a particular player for something that was said on the ice…and say that particular player scored a questionable goal…what is there to stop the official from claiming “intent to blow”??

Okay, I know all officials at the pro level are professional themselves and have every reason to be held to a higher standard but seriously some of these rules just prevent any official from being take seriously. I know there will never be the perfect game where all the plays (and fouls) are called correctly but at least give the officials a chance. I think we can all agree now that maybe it’s 90% bad officiating…and 10% dumb rules. J

On a side note, I’d like to mention some of the other dumb rules I received. It seems that NFL was the most popular culprit for these. Other NFL rules submitted for consideration were offensive pass interference….if it’s the offense’s ball, shouldn’t they be allowed to do whatever necessary to keep the ball? Also submitted, the extra point rule…why not force teams to always go for the two point conversion? Thanks again to everyone who help out with this post! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

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This Is How We Do It

Guess who’s back , back again? The Preds are back. Tell a friend.

In Wednesday night’s 2-0 shut-out of the Phoenix Coyotes, the Nashville Predators got back to doing what they do best, playing Predators hockey. The recipe for success all season for the Predators included playing a defensive, opportunistic style of hockey. The type of game that leaves other teams scratching their heads, wondering what just happened.

The Predators took to the ice in the first period like a team that needed to prove something. With everything that had happened in the time between game 2 and game 3, you knew these guys were not going to mess around getting down to business. From the drop of the puck, the Predators defense already looked like a vast improvement from the game 2 shambles. The defense, led always by Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, communicated and supported each other which led to a significant decrease in the Coyotes ability to break into the zone. This was the first game this series that both Weber and Suter found themselves in the plus rating.

Solid defense paved the way for a solid game from goaltender, Pekka Rinne. Rinne faced a total of 32 shots on goal and was able to keep every one out, earning him his first ever shout-out of the post season. In true Vezina nominee fashion, Rinne continued to step up as the game went on, making highlight worthy saves to seal the game in the 3rd period.

There were concerns coming in to game 2 about generating offense without Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn who were suspended. The Predators were able to put those worries to rest in the 1st period. David Legwand was able to open the scoring with 8:10 left in the period with a goal generated by an excellent Patric Hornqvist defensive play. Mike Fisher was able to join in on the scoring with a goal 1:16 later by coming into the zone on a two-on-one with Sergi Kostitsyn.

The players chosen to fill the holes vacated by the suspension all stepped up. Matt Halischuk and Colin Wilson both had a solid, productive game but the biggest difference maker seemed to be Jordin Tootoo. Tootoo led the team with 5 hits and played a very disciplined game. Any time Tootoo was on the ice he was creating problems for the Coyotes. Combined with the fact that Tootoo was able to stay out of the pentaly box, he was a welcomed addition to the lineup.

These are the Nashville Predators that the fans of Smashville know and love. This is the team that comes together and can drive any opposing team crazy with frustration. By no means is Nashville out of the woods yet. Being down in any series is never good but both the team and the fans should feel better about the ability to dig themselves out of this hole. Now the questions begin for game 4. Does Coach Trotz go with this team that played probably their best game of the entire 2012 playoffs? Or instead, does Trotz bring Radulov and Kostitsyn back into the mix? Trotz had no hesitation yesterday when he said if the team that played game 3 was solid, he would go with the same line-up for game 4. Now we just play the waiting game to see what is going on in Coach Trotz’s mind.

Game 4: Phoenix Coyotes at Nashville Predators, Friday, May 4 7:30pm ET, NBCSN, TSN

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Shame On Two

Have you ever heard the saying when it rains it pours? Well, if you’re a Nashville Predators fan you better grab your umbrella!

After coming off what is probably their poorest defensive showing all season in Sunday night’s 5-3 loss to Phoenix, the Preds were handed some more bleak news. Forwards Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn were suspended for Game 3 for what has been said to be a curfew violation. Very few details have been given out by the Predators organization but it seems that the two were spotted in Scottsdale (45 minutes away from Glendale, where the team and arena were located) Saturday night after midnight.

Predators GM, David Poile, addressed the media during practice today. Those in attendance could only say that Poile looked utterly disappointed. “The Nashville Predators have a few simple rules centered around doing the right things,” Poile said. “We have always operated with a team-first mentality and philosophy. Violating team rules is not fair to our team and their teammates.” Poile also went on to say that the possibility of suspending the players for Game 4 is entirely up to Coach Barry Trotz.

So, what is Coach Trotz going to do now? Maybe this is a blessing for him as far as Radulov goes. Rads did not have a good showing in either game so far in this series. In game 2 there were times he looked completely lost to the point where he let the Coyotes walk right in and score a goal. In all honesty, while Radulov is supposed to be a star player, and has been in the past, he has been more harmful than productive in this WCSF series. Where this hurts the Predators is with the loss of A. Kostitsyn. In the playoffs Kostitsyn has 3 goals, one assist, 11 shots on goal, and a plus 3 rating.

Is it time for the Predators and their fans to hit the panic button? I don’t think so…not yet anyways. The one thing about this Predator team that sets them apart from past teams is their depth. Since the trade deadline and the addition of Radulov, Trotz has had the liberty of being picky about who he chooses to put in the line-up. Trotz may not have the luxury of putting exactly who he wants out on the ice for game 3, but it has to be a little comfort to know he has players chomping at the bit to contribute. If today’s practice was any indication of who he plans to put in the line-up tomorrow, it looks like it’s a go for Matt Halischuk, Craig Smith, and Jordin Tootoo. All three are quality players who feel like they have something to prove. If I were the Phoenix Coyotes, I might be a little worried.

While there is so much uncertainty surrounding game 3 for the Nashville Predators, there is one thing that is certain. If the Predators win, it is because Radulov and Kostitsyn were suspended, and if the Predators lose, it is because Radulov and Kostitsyn were suspended.

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I do not like to lose. Wait…let me clarify that statement. Nobody I know really enjoys losing. I don’t want you thinking I’m a crazed winning manic or a sore loser. I’m usually good about getting past a loss. I may pout for a day or two but then I put it behind me and move on. Which is what I fully intended to do after last night’s Predators game.

I really had no plan to write a blog today about yesterday’s game but I just kept replaying it in my head. One thing keeps popping out….defense. Where was the defense? Did they leave the defensive play book in Nashville? As a fan of any type of sport you always hear how important defense is. Defense wins championships. Defense is the backbone to any good team. A team is as only as good as their defense. If anybody needed to see proof of these statements, all they needed to do was watch last night’s Predators vs. Coyotes game.

Now, I’m no hockey expert but I do know you cannot let the opposing team just skate in to your zone, uncovered, and expect them not to score. The Predators have let this happen in Game 1 and Game 2. I understand that sometimes you get beat and breakaways happen but a good defensive team will limit these opportunities. The Predators on the ice last night almost seemed like they were not aware of this concept. The Predators had 11 players in the minus category as compared to only one Coyote player.

The Predators last night looked like a team in disarray. Blown assignments and lack of communication is no way to win a game. And while the game generally had a lackluster feel to it there were a few guys out there with some spark. You have to give Suter, Erat, and Hornqvist some props for trying to rally this team. Unfortunately, for every spunky player there was a stinky player. Again…not the way to win a game, let alone a Stanley Cup.

It would be easy, but irresponsible, to place all the blame on Pekka Rinne. Sure the goalie is usually the last line of defense against a goal and with Rinne in net that is a pretty solid line…unless your defense in general is lacking. The Predators have relied heavily on Rinne this season, especially in the beginning, but the defense came together and took some of the pressure off. The addition of offensive weapons didn’t seem to change the mind of the defensive heavy Predators. It seemed, instead to make them a more dangerous team…a team that could score and then shut it down and defend a lead.

What happened to those Predators? After watching the first two games in this series it looks as if the team that defeated the Red Wings in true Predator fashion has disappeared. This series is by no means over but if the Predators are unable to find their true identity the series will be over sooner rather than later. I would hate to see this season come to an end based on what used to be the team’s prized possession…defense.


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We Are Smashville

If you have never been to any type of playoff/championship game in any sport you are seriously missing out. There is just a different atmosphere at these events. There is so much electricity in the air that you wish you could bottle it up and save it. Friday night I was lucky enough to experience a Game 5 Stanley Cup series clinching game at Bridgestone Arena. Sure I’ve been to championship games before but never have I seen anything like what I witnessed that night.

To say Game 5 was important was an understatement. This game was epic. It had all the makings of a game you would see in a movie….a David vs Goliath….a changing of the guards. Could the Predators really knock off the Red Wings on home ice and in only 5 games??

I arrived downtown about 1 ½ before the game started and from the second I parked my car I knew this was going to be a special night. Never have I seen so many people downtown…and that includes during CMA Fest. Never have I seen so many people in Predators gear! It was an amazing site to see!

As soon as I walked into the seating area in the arena I was overtaken by sea of gold. Every seat had a gold t-shirt on it and just about every fan already had gold on. It was a beautiful sight. I know what it looked like in pictures and on tv, but seeing it in person was a totally different story.

The best part of the night (after winning, of course) was when the lights went down and “Run This Town” cam on. I have been and always will be a fan of the “Run This Town” video and it did not disappoint this night. I literally got goose bumps when it came on the screen. If that video alone doesn’t pump you up for the game, then there may be something seriously wrong with you.

The game itself did not let anyone down at all! I’m not going to go into the details of the game because I’m sure you’ve already read all the recaps. I just want to commend the fans on keep the energy up during all 3 periods of hockey. The fact that the decibel level hit 111+ in the 3rd period is something to be proud of! At the end of the game, if it had been possible, I think everyone would have run on to the ice to lift up our boys! It was a proud moment and one I was happy to share with 17,000+ fans.

While, I’m very ready to cheer on the Preds during round 2 and beyond it was nice to get it done early. Now everyone, fans included, get a change to reflect, recoup, and refocus on the task at hand. Winning round one is nice but we all want the Cup! Let’s go get it!!

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Run This Town

To the tune of “Run This Town” by Jay-Z

Feel it comin’ in the air
hear the cheers from everywhere
I’m addicted to the thrill
It’s a dangerous love affair
Can’t be scared when it goes down
Got a problem, tell me now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who’s gonna run Smashville tonight…
Is who’s gonna run Smashville tonight…
We gonna run this town

We are
Yeah I said it
We are
This is Preds Nation
Pledge your allegiance
Get y’all jerseys on
All gold everything
Gold shirts, gold paint
All gold everything
And our boys are Predators
Playin’ in the playoffs
I’d get more excited
If the boys brought home the Stanley Cup
This is unfamiliar
I’ll explain later
But for now let me get back to the players
Here’s a couple players now, showing that we’re pretty stacked
I hear teams gripe, That we got Radulov
Yeah I’m talkin’ six comma
Three Five
Two zero
Here it go…
Back to scoring goals ‘round goalies
Now we fired up
Hold up

Hockey’s a game but it’s not fair
We don’t break the rules so we don’t care
So we keep doin’ our own thing
Walkin’ tall against the Wings
Victory’s within the mile
Almost there, don’t give up now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who’s gonna run Smashville tonight
(Is who’s gonna run Smashville tonight)

We are
Yeah I said it
We are
You can call us winners
Maybe even dark horses
Please follow the lea-der
Shea “Captain” Weber
Slap shootin’ fiend
It’s the return of Andrei
(A! K! )
And ain’t nobody fresher
As Mike Fisher
(Ah! )
Martin Erat
At the game we’re screamin’
To the other side, he pulls players
We got an arena full of cheerleaders
They got one full of haters…
And we ain’t showing no break
They should throw they stick in
‘Cause they ain’t got no goals…
My whole team got swag
So our entire roster is lookin’ like Stanley Cup champs

Hockey’s a game but it’s not fair
We don’t break the rules so we don’t care
So we keep doin’ our own thing
Walkin’ tall against the Wings
Victory’s within the mile
Almost there, don’t give up now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is who’s gonna run Smashville tonight
(Is who’s gonna run Smashville tonight)

It’s crazy how you can go from being all alone
To everybody on your bandwagon, no joke
I bought my whole family jerseys, new logos.
Next time I’m at the Bridge, please take notice
Nashville citizens
Everybody supports
This the team that everybody ask for
This a Preds life
We are on a crash course
What you think I cheer for
To lose again in round 2?
But I know that if we keep shoot-ing
All these pucks only gonna want one thing
They can spend their whole life in the net-ting
Only good gon’ come is as good when we’re winning
Patric plays the net he’ll gladly shoot a rebound
And up top, shot…
Two Kostitsyns
And a Spaling
Off the backhand
And the Preds just made it out the power play
We don’t care about the drama that ya do bring
We’re just tryin’ to bring home Stanley
Go home, Red Wings
It’s time for some new things
Have you ever been so frustrated with a goalie?
What’s that ‘Ye?
That’s not a goal
Did that make it in?
Baby, no way!
You trippin’ when you shootin’
Have no rebound
You feelin’ like you runnin’, huh?
Now you know how we felt

We gonna run Smashville tonight!

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Don’t Hate…Appreciate

I’ve often been told that you don’t discuss politics during a first date. Something about it being a polarizing subject and you may offend someone. After the past 24 hours, I’m pretty certain that sports may be a more dangerous subject.

Fans take their sports seriously. Now, I’m not talking about the “I can only name 2 players and only watch play-off games” type of fans. I’m talking about the “die-hard, plan your schedule around the games, I just name my first child Pekka” type of fans. Many of fights and broken friendships have occurred due to a difference in opinion.

Let me insert a little sidebar here: I have nothing against “bandwagon” fans but can we please agree on what a “bandwagon” fan is? My definition is someone who doesn’t necessarily follow the team the entire year but they have a passing interest. They know if the team has had a good year or not but they can’t really name any players other than the stars of the team. There is nothing wrong with a “bandwagon” fan. Some of these fans turn into the most die-hard fans you will ever meet but please don’t think that just because someone didn’t spend their entire life cheering for a particular team that they are a “bandwagon” fan. **Rant over**
Moving on….nothing brings out the true colors of a fan more than winning or losing an important game. I’ve seen in the past 24 hours the good, the bad, and the uncalled for. Can we all please agree on some proper etiquette to follow in such game? Here are my suggestions.

1. Agree to Disagree
I don’t like your team and I don’t expect you to like mine. I’m a firm believer in a person’s right to choose their favorite team. Doesn’t mean I have to like your team but I am going to respect that they are your team.

2. Don’t take cheap shots.
If you have a problem with one of the players on my team that’s okay. I’ll respect your opinion (and happily share mine) but don’t bring my character into it. Taking a cheap shot at a fan has no place in sports. You can call my cheers annoying but please don’t call me classless when I have done nothing to warrant such an accusation.

3. Be a gracious winner/loser
Everybody loves to win…nobody likes to lose. It’s a fact but when either one happens do it right. When you win, yes it’s nice to rub it in but remember, you didn’t find a cure for cancer. It’s fun but you didn’t win the world. When you lose, it stings, but remember unless it was just some out of the ordinary game, the other team flat out played better. We can all agree to dislike the referees but please don’t be the cry baby. Winning happens just as much as losing happens. It’s part of life.

4. Let it go
The game is over…you either won or lost…enjoy it or wallow in it for a bit but know when to move on.

I think if we can all agree to a few simple ground rules the sports world would be a much better place! And don’t worry…I always yell “you suck” at the Predators games. It’s nothing personal, I say it to all the teams!

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